Struts vs RoR

gaurav bagga wrote:

I recently attended one of the ruby meetings that we have in my city.
There one of the speaker said that google,amazon … are working on RoR
but still the performance of RoR is not at par with J2EE others…

he meant that though google,amazon working o it they will not bring it
front applications only parts
the reason ruby is slow in comparison to other languages…
and in real time systems also it wont be used…

Well, you won’t be running a Google or Amazon so no worries. BTW Amazon
uses a lot of Perl last I heard. In fact, I don’t recall Java being a
big part of the framework at Amazon. It was/is a Perl/Mason shop for
the most part.

Ruby is plenty fast enough for 90% of the sites out there. Hardware is
cheap, programmer’s salaries are not. The vast majority of us are not
running Googles, Yahoos, Amazons, eBays, etc.