Strange MySQL data populating

I am getting weird data when trying to use HABTM.

I have a Images table with columns id, title, and file.
I have a Categories table with columns id, name.
I have a join table for them with image_id, and category_id

when I do @images.inspect I get:

[#“image 1”, “id”=>“52”, “portrait”=>“0”,
“file”=>“balcony_flowers.jpg”}>, #“image 2”, “id”=>“53”,
“portrait”=>“0”, “file”=>“autumn_parked_car.jpg”}>, #“image 3”,
“id”=>“54”, “portrait”=>“0”, “file”=>“autumn_parked_car.jpg”}>]

which is strange because shouldn’t it come out ‘title’=>‘image 1’ and
not #‘image 1’?

Though if I loop and do
<% for image in @images %>
<%= image.title %>,
<% end %>

I retrieve Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Anyway, I guess the join table doesn’t come into play, but I originally
thought it might have something to do with it.

Help is much appreciated!


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