Sqlite3 Update Problems

I have an Sqlite3 DB backing a Rails app, which was previously working
fine, but then my client called me up to say he couldn’t update his
site. The site works fine for any type of “select” type operations,
but not for any “update” type operations. I have tried all manner of
permissions, and even moved my symlinked db out of a shared directory
directly into the db directory under Rails root. I get the error:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (SQLite3::SQLException: SQL logic error
or missing database: UPDATE artists SET “bio” = ‘Coming soon.’,
“last_name” = ‘LastName’, “first_n
ame” = ‘FirstName’ WHERE id = 8)

I CAN perform updates running from the console.

I’m not sure why the site stopped working, but I did upgrade some gems
when trying to update my blog (unsuccessfully) to Typo 4.

My site is running on Litespeed proxying to a mongrel_cluster backend.
Any ideas? Thanks so much. I’m on my second evening of troubleshooting
here, with no luck.


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