SMS Aggregators


Awhile ago, I posted some information about SMS Aggregators, this is
just a follow-up, based on changes in the US market.

As of January 31st, any commercial application, sending to US
networks, is required to lease a CSC (short code) from CTIA.

A CSC runs $6000/year for a random code, and $12,000/year for a
vanity code.

These charges are on top of the normal per message fees.

This does NOT affect applications using SMS by E-mail (sending a
mobile phones e-mail address).

I checked with (US) and (South Africa).
This policy is dictated by the US mobile providers, and affects all
message terminating on US networks, regardless of origination.

Keep in mind, according to the information I received, a single
complaint from an end user can shutdown your CSC in the US.

Anyway, just wanted to pass on the information.

Lon B.
AIM: spdemac


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– Tom M.