Simple logic/structure question

Curently I have this code in my controller:

sort by letter or by cuisine and letter

def by_letter
if params[:c].nil?
@restaurant_pages, @restaurants = paginate_collection
Restaurant.find_by_letter(params[:letter], params[:sort]), :page =>
@cuisines = Cuisine.find_all
@restaurant_pages, @restaurants = paginate_collection
Restaurant.find_by_cuisine_and_letter(params[:id], params[:letter],
params[:sort]), :page => @params[:page]
@cuisines = Cuisine.find_all

Which decides what to do based on a string that is passed as a
parameter to the action. The model then has two methods corresponding
to the if and else clauses:

restaurants that begin with a number

def self.find_by_number(sort)
Restaurant.find(:all, :conditions => [“name REGEXP ‘^[0-9]’”],
:order => (sort || “name”))

restaurants that belong to a specified cuisine and begin with a

def self.find_by_cuisine_and_number(cuisine, sort)
Restaurant.find(:all, :conditions => [“name REGEXP ‘^[0-9]’ AND
cuisine_id = ?”, cuisine ], :order => (sort || “name”))

My question is would it be better to pass the string to the model and
then have an if statement that decides what the condition should be?
This would mean less code repitition as the two methods above would be
one shorter method. Thanks for your help. Feel free to ask any
questions regarding the application.

gah, accidental double post.