Should I uninstall everything to install InstantRails?

Please help me I am brand new to this.
I have been following this tutorial from OnLamp
which tells you how to install ruby, rails and mySQL and get going.

Doing this tutorial convinced me RoR was the way to go for me.
So I got hold of this e-book:
Agile Web D. with Rails - The Pragmatic Programmers

The book tells me to install everything I need, including and Apache web
server using InstantRails.

When I check OnLamp tutorial carefully, sure enough there is a link to
an updated version using InstantRails.

My question then:
Should I install InstantRails?

If I do, do I need to uninstall Ruby, Rails, and mySQL database first?

My boss is likely to be less than sympathetic if I make a mess of my PC
by experimenting with a new system. I was hoping to develop the web
application FIRST, without drawing attention to myself and THEN make the
case for using RoR.

If you’ve successfully installed MySQL, Apache, and Ruby already then
you don’t need InstantRails. I spent a day trying to install these a
year ago, and failed. InstantRails got me going in 10 minutes. I think
the broken Apache install is still on my machine unused. I also think I
have a redundant version of Ruby installed too.

InstantRails will ignore other installations and use its own when you
launch it. It runs its own Apache and Mysql servers, and when you launch
a command line via its menus, you will have all the paths set nicely

So, if you’ve had any probs setting up the env, use InstantRails. But
you’ll get a new MySql database with the install.

Yuo don’t need to uninstall anything, but make sure that your existing
apache and mysql are not running or you’ll get port conflicts.

Also, there is a modified version of the onlamp tutorial that is
specific to Instant Rails. You can find it here:


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