Server migration another documentroot

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I have an application that has been online for quite some time.
Now the time has come to migrate the application to another server
The problem is that the document root of the new server will be
differtent :

it used to be :

http://domain/:controller/:action ed (so rails is in the documentroot)

new situation :

http://domain/railsdir/:controller/:action (rails dir is a symbolic link
to public

The problem is that the old configuration has been comunicated a lot.
So i want to rewrite the old url requests transparant to the new request


if possible i would like to route it in a .htaccess so that visiters of
the website
never see the railsdir. The should think nothing has changed.

Anyone an idea how this can be done

Kind regards daniel

Try posting your question on I got my answer there quite

On Feb 1, 9:19 am, Daniel W. [email protected]