Select not providing default option


Hello all.

I am running Rails 1.0 and am having trouble with the select box. In the
API it says.

“Create a select tag and a series of contained option tags for the
provided object and method. The option currently held by the object will
be selected, provided that the object is available. See
options_for_select for the required format of the choices parameter.”

and then goes on to provide a parameter

I find myself in that exact scenario (replace @post.person_id with
@area.uniface_version_id) but the value is not appearing as the default
when the page is loaded.

@area.uniface_version_id is definately populated (checked in the
breakpointer) but it isn’t being set as standard for some reason
(Nothing is).

The code is


def edit
@area = Area.find(params[:id])
render :partial => ‘edit’


<%= select(‘area’, ‘uniface_version_id’, UnifaceVersion.find_all.collect
{|uv| [, ] }, { :include_blank => true }) %>

(This was copied verbatim from the scaffold _form partial)

If anyone has any pointers that would be great.




and then goes on to provide a parameter

Sorry, that should read

and then goes on to provide an example

(Stupid people talking near me interrupting train of thought)