- ajax not working with NTLM on windows

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this subject.

I’m trying to implement an autocompleter input text (in asp, for the
moment) using the / prototype library.

In IE (internetExplorer) it works fine.

But in FF (fireFox) it keeps asking for my user/password on every atempt
to reach the server from the AJAX call.

The site is configures with integrated security and with no anonymous
access (with anonymous access it works OK)

in FF, in about:config I added my site to the
network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris list, so when I open my browser it
does the NTLM stuff pretty well, without bothering me with those nasty
user/password dialog, but when calling them from the AJAX component the
NTLM authentication doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas???

Firefox does not pass through NTLM credentials on AJAX calls. This is a
bug in Firefox 1.5.

I have requested that the Mozilla Foundation fix this bug in Firefox
2.0, as it makes will make Firefox difficult to use in a Windows centric
environment. I suggest you do the same. Stress to them corporate
adoption of Firefox hinges on fixing this bug.

[email protected]

I was told this would be fixed in Firefox 2.0 - but so far I’ve not seen
any indication it has been.

Charles L.

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