Scaffolds auto generate tables fields.. and Database amounts

Small story , I am moving over databases from Filemaker. In the
filemaker databases are some like near 100 fields for one table. Luckly
they are not relational to anything just big fat one page docs of

First I am wondering if this is smart from a database speed point. Or if
they should be broken up into many different database tables… Though
they all need to be on screen for the user all the time… Many hide in
little auto close boxes but thats about it…

The second this is since there are so many I need to have each one have
it’s own for loop box in teh template to arrange and display them …
Instead of the default show all that comes from scaffolds I have read

Is there an option you might know of to auto build these bits for the
template when creating the scaffold ?? Or is it all by hand ??

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