Ruby Pocket Reference

John J. wrote:

Ruby in a Nutshell is still interesting, but a bit out of date.

the pocket reference is just the thing to have around for quickie lookups.
Pretty good little book.

Great, thanks for the feedback!

I was hoping to hear from other experienced Ruby folks regarding this.
I kinda live in the boonies, so it will be difficult to take a look at
this book myself.

The Nutshell book is good indeed, but this one sounds rather promising
too. Maybe others who have seen both will chime in.

Todd B. wrote:

I think we need to adopt Toto from The W.ard of Oz as the official Ruby

I see that picture with Bill Gates on a broom holding his “Iron Ruby” in
one hand saying, “And your little dog too!”

John J. wrote:

I picked up the new OREILLY book Ruby Pocket Reference today, by Michael
I’ve got to say, it keeps with the high quality of almost every Ruby /
Rails book out there!
A nice little tomb that fits in your back pocket and actually has things
pretty well organized and answers those little things that you might
forget. It even has nice little glossary at the end. I highly recommend
this little friend for Ruby newbies!

Thanks for posting this, I had not heard about this one. I’ll have to
check it out.

Any idea how it compares with the “Ruby in a nutshell” O’Reilly Quick

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