Ruby Performance - LOW?

On 5/10/07, Jason [email protected] wrote:

Then we will see who is scratching his ass :slight_smile:
CPU processor cycles :frowning:

But to “guess the true future”, Python is behind the “Sugar” of the
OLPC project…

OLPC: One Laptop Per Child
OLPC Python Environment - OLPC

I would ask any Ruby(cult)ists to save the flames and instead donate
their energies to this fine project to better the world’s children…

Sure, Python has a bright future because there are binding for
everything. In this case GTK+, GNOME, DBus, etc.

But in my opinion Ruby has a brighter future, it’s just that there are
not so many bindings. If there were good bindings for GTK+ and all the
related stuff it would be easier to code that OLPC stuff in Ruby, but
that’s not the case.

The GNOME people are choosing Python because it does the job, and it’s
easier than C.

But that’s the near future.

What really matters is the far future:

Ruby is in a peek of popularity because of RoR. I has always been a
nice language but people (including me) are getting to know it because
of very neat ways of using it, like RoR.

If some other killer framework comes, let’s say sweet GNOME bindings,
boom, another peek for Ruby and Python is gone with the wind.

But this X vs Y is not productive at all. Cast your vote and move on:

I agree with the OLPC project, it’s a very nice cause, but there are a
lot of ways to contribute to it.

If people here want to contribute to the OLPC project, I would suggest
to see some of their requirements and implement something in Ruby that
fulfills them, like improving the GNOME bindings.

You are in ruby-talk dude, instead of asking Ruby(cult)ists to use
Python, contribute to OLPC and save the flames (at least that can be
assumed by your wording), you should save your frames saying Python is
better than Ruby, that’s a personal taste, and obviously here the
great majority doesn’t think like you do.

Best regards.

On 5/7/07, conker [email protected] wrote:

Hi All,

It’s sad to see ruby at the bottom of this list:

Any thoughts on this?
You bet, I believe that the list roughly divides into three groups
about this, just search the archives for details.

The first is: The shootout is crap, do not worry at all! Count me in
here at 50%.

The second is: The shootout is not to be taken too seriously but still
is correct in tendency, still Ruby is fast enough for almost all it is
needed for. Count me in here at 50 % too
The third is: OMG Ruby is too slow.

Honestly there are view of us in the third category and those who are
there admit that it is only true for some specific needs.
In that cases it is sad but…

… there is no reason YARV will not put Ruby in the same league as
Python and Perl6.

Lua might be out of reach, but Lua has a different niche and is kind
of optimized for speed by design (at least from v5.1 on, correct me
someone here if I am wrong).
I really suggest to look at Lua if Ruby really is too slow for your
needs, which I doubt.

Are there slimmer highly optimized versions that are specifically
targeted towards certain platforms?
NTMVLK :wink:



On 5/10/07, knohr [email protected] wrote:

“Ruby programming jobs” 5 results
“Python programming jobs” 10 results
“Cobol programming jobs” 59,700 results
“Perl programming jobs” 249,000 results

Take a closer look:
Results 1 - 10 of about 3,360 for “Python programming jobs”

I just want to add:
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,690 for “Rails programming jobs”