Ruby on Windows is incredible slow


we have a project which makes use of many different programming languages, like C#, Go, Java and Ruby on the server side. Therefore I would like to stay with one operation system and therefore I am also running ruby on windows for development. The ruby part is not my main responsibility, just like a side project for me.

Our application is hosted on root linux servers or on kubernetes and works fine there. The performance is good. I have response times of 150ms in average for the simple pages.

But the performance on Windows 10 is a disaster. The same pages take 10 seconds or more to load and slows down the development process. I am running ruby 2.4.4-2-x64 with MSYS2. I am not a ruby expert, the last time I have done something with ruby was more than 3 years ago. It also does not matter whether I am running it with Rubymine or just from the command line.

Is there something I can do?

I feel your pain. I gave up developing rails apps on Windows a few months ago. The performance and stability just wasn’t good. I ended up switching to a mac, but others on my team have used a Linux VM on their Windows boxes. Sorry, wish I had better news.

If you compare the performance without the network delay I have 30ms vs 10sec. I would understand it if ruby would not be optimized for windows, but this is an incredibly bad performance difference.

I moved to the 32 bit version and it is much faster, but the assets are still very slow. But afaik this seems to be a common problem.

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