Ruby on Rails on Microtemplates


Hi Rails folks,

I’ve been giving some thought on how something I’ve been calling
“microtemplates” ( might relate to Rails.
Briefly, microtemplates are a way of specifying HTML templates that is
inspired by microformats. For example, data like this:

{vcard:{fn:“Steve Farrell”,url:“”}}

could be bound to this template:

to produce this HTML presentation (which happens to be a valid hcard

Steve Farrell

by applying some simple binding rules. I’ve attempted to generalize
this approach into a complete templating solution, including a
BSD-licensed javascript library. I think this approach could be very
useful in augmenting static web pages with dynamic content, creating
mashups on plain HTML pages, and in lowering the bar for composing and
specializing web views and functions.

I also think it might fit very nicely into Rails. I’ve started to draft
some thoughts on that here:

I realize this is unsolicited, but I hope some of you find it
interesting and would like to hear your feedback.


Steve Farrell


I think microformats should be in the Rails core, how are you going to
impliment them, helpers?