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Lesson learned Peter,

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Peter H. [email protected] wrote:

See Toby, just a little more professionalism and this could all have
been avoided.

I don’t think Toby is being particularly unprofessional; he’s just a
reflection of the unfortunate turn the recruiting dynamic has taken.
The fact that he is willing to engage in a discussion actually makes him
look a lot better than most. He probably doesn’t like being left in the
dark about things any more than we do, and maybe he’s in a position to
change the whole process for the better. If not, well, back to the Ruby
discussions! :slight_smile:


Toby G.
API Corporate Recruiter

I just joined. I felt this post was very useful. I enjoyed the candor. I
am Newbie2Ruby and I appreciate the experienced insight:)

shangz_b (like shance_b)

Type: Freelance or Permanent Contract

Location: Czech Republic, Prague

Salary and Terms: 450-500 CZK/hour freelance contract or 40-60,000 CZK
fixed on permanent c.

Hours: Full time

Length of employment: indefinite (unlimited contract)

We are looking for senior Ruby on Rails developers to develop web portal
for rating of local service providers (e.g. builders, plumbers, home
related services).
We offer a very interesting work in JavaScript, Ruby, Java … and thanks
to success we are innovating and expanding!

Good knowledge of modern OpenSource technologies and components is plus.

Interested? Get in touch with:

Email: [email protected]