RJS help?

I have an action that does a redirect to an external URL, passing a
“come back to here” parameter to that URL.

When it “comes back to here”, I either process a “successful” return,
process a “failed” return, or redirect on a “need more information”

In the last case, I would really like to put the “need more information”
URL into an iframe on my page. I can create and destroy an iframe OK
using link_to_remote, but when I try to execute the same RJS code for
the “need more information” case, I (naturally) just get my Javascript
rendered as text.

I would appreciate any pointers on how I can approach this problem. From
looking at the upload_progress code (which seems to be a similar case),
I have the vague impression that I need another invisible iframe through
which the transactions all take place. But that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Clues for the clueless?


–Al Evans

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