RJS confirmation popup

Hi everyone,

In my app users can save queries. I want to warn them if they are
about to overwrite an existing query (same name). I wanted to do this
with a confirm javascript popup.

My question is: Is it possible to generate a confirmation popup from
an RJS template and then somehow get the answer back? To know if my
controller should overwrite the query or just discard the changes.

Up until now, I didn’t find a way to generate a confirmation popup
through RJS, except with the call method to call a javascript method
that will generate this for me…but I was hoping for something a bit
more ruby…and it doesn’t solve the problem of getting the answer back
to the controller.

Thank you,


Do the pop-up before the Ajax post

:confirm => ‘Are you sure you want to save this?’

I’m assuming that you can easily check for existing queries when this
loads and make the confirm conditional.


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