Re:Re:Two Announcements

I agree the presentation needs work haha. That’s something I really
haven’t put a lot of thought into yet. I’m hoping to start polishing
it up after I get the first half edited and cleaned up text-wise.

Since it seems everyone is interested in it, I can definitely post a
summary and TOC; I had one up and then when I launched the new site I
didn’t put it back up. It needed revision anyhow. :slight_smile: I’ll post it
back up tonight in the “INFO” section.

And we can do whatever you’d like if you write something for HABTM
:MAG. :slight_smile: Just go ahead and fill out a proposal and make a note of that
in the text.

Thanks a lot!

One thing also that needs a little bit of work. Variables are a bit
confusing probably for a newcomer. There really is no specific place
that explains the difference between instance var, class var, global
var etc etc. I see the problem explaining it since you need to start
explaining it partly pretty early but it’s no use explaining class
variables if you haven’t explained classes. But I recommend you go
over it and try to think of a way to explain those more to the point.
You sneak them in more gradually now and it might be that that is the
best method but it might be nice to summarize then later in the
chapter. That allows the book to act also like a bit of a
reference/lookup book for new programmers in trouble.

Not that it’s the most complex thing in Ruby. Pretty easy actually.
But it is something you have to be clear about knowing 100%.

On 6/4/06, Jeremy McAnally [email protected] wrote:

:MAG. :slight_smile: Just go ahead and fill out a proposal and make a note of that

publishing to a tree form tough. Think the presentation and layout was