Refactoring common code to module

Hello Ruby users,

I am stuck with the following problem:

I have an access control list system, with multiple group, section and
base classes. There are several section types (AroSection, AxoSection,
AclSection etc.), several group types (AxoGroup, AroGroup) and several
base Types (Acl, Axo, Aro, Aco).

These share some common funcionality that only differs by name of the

module GACL

class AclSection < ActiveRecord::Base
set_table_name “gacl_acl_sections”

has_many :acls, :dependent => true

validates_presence_of :name, :value
validates_numericality_of :order_value
validates_uniqueness_of :value

def instance_method_for_acl (would be the same functionality for the 

others, too)

acls.each do |acl|


Is it possible to do some refactoring, so I only have to define my code
once and the method names get used from some parameter or extracted from
the class name?

Best regards

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