Re: Re: Ideas for Rails Shirt Graphics

ah, funny.
You need to put that in really small print on the back of the shirt.

“What is this ‘Java’ of which you speak?”

“You’re still using Java? Got anything shipped? IF you do, THEN we
can talk END”

“Don’t bug me man - I’m doing more work than your entire team of J2EE

“Rails is to Java as Java is to COBOL - deal with it!”

“While you Strut and Hibernate, I finish and move on”

“While you’re still testing, I’ll be out fishing”

This is great therapy…

Dave M.

“What is this ‘Java’ of which you speak?”

reminds me of:

“I always thought Smalltalk would beat Java, I just didn’t know it would
be called ‘Ruby’ when it did.” — Kent Beck