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I have used Komodo since V2.3 or something (for perl/php back then) and
have been using it now for about 2 months for rails development.

I was also bothered by the issues you described below, but to be honest
I think these are the only shortcomings I found (besides some weird
(bug?) behaviour with key-sequences from copied snippets, find dialog
always going fullscreen… and the price ofcourse, but my employer paid
for it)
I would also like to see (beside fixes to the below issues) some kind of
automatic jumping between controller/view though.

I set up my komodo ‘toolbox’ (besides a bunch of snippets) with
shortcuts to view my controllers/models directory, do a diff (using
kdiff) with my latest ‘clean’ version (to get side-by-side diff), to
open much used files (like .css), top start the rails console or irb,…
With function keys I can switch between my different desktops, that have
a firefox, tora, komodo ofcourse, webrick output and a tail of the

I’m running it on linux (that is, at work I’m using cygwin/x on wxp to
connect to a linux machine, at home I’m running it ‘directly’ on
linux… both under kde) and have not experienced a slow interface in
any way.

my 2 cents…


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Is there anyone here using Komodo Professional for Rails work?

Just curious
because I can’t stand it. I tried it for a week’s work and the
setback for me is the slow interface. The interface is very
The built-in subversion client is a joke, and you can’t even do
diffs. Adding/removing files to the project is also quite a
chore, as the
application doesn’t detect new files in the file system. You
have to
manually add each one through File | Add File. Another thing
about is
despite the massive amount of bugs in their online tracking
Activestate only managed to release a 0.0.1 revision in eight

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Have you checked out Komodo? (
It’s pretty nice…not sure about auto complete though…

I’m surprised that nobody has chimed in suggesting vim yet. If you
know vim give the winmanager plugin a try. I’ve found that I’m much
using (G)Vim, the winmanager plugin and yakuake’s tabs to handle webrick
“tail -f” my log files than when using radrails, komodo or textmate.
Vim 7 has intelligent code completion support for ruby, which is pretty
sweet. I think that no matter what you use though, as long as you use
long enough you’re going to get really good with it.

You know now that I think of it, it would be pretty cool if there was a
place on the rails wiki with snapshots and descriptions of people’s
development environment to see generally how they have things set up.
be useful for people looking to try out new setup and/or environment.
would also give us “you-can-pry-my-editor-from-my-cold-dead-fingers”
kind of
people a place to show off :slight_smile:

My $0.02,