Re: Problem starting push server in Jugganaut

Hi All,
Im playing around with Jugganaut but stuck at the first step.
Seems the jugganaut push server requires json (which I have installed)
but it cant find it.

Anyone any ideas as to what could be wrong?

Hi Jonathan,
I had the same problem, and fixed it! Here’s how…
(I posted this fix on my blog as well:

The problem:
You install JSON, and try to run the juggernaut push server, and think
everything’s gonna be cool… but then:

[[email protected] my_app]$ sudo gem install json
Successfully installed json-0.4.1
Installing ri documentation for json-0.4.1…

lib/json/editor.rb:977:50: ‘:’ not followed by identified or operator
Installing RDoc documentation for json-0.4.1…

lib/json/editor.rb:977:50: ‘:’ not followed by identified or operator

And get more baffling errors…

[[email protected] my_app]$ ruby script/push_server
script/push_server:37:in `require’: no such file to load – json
from script/push_server:37

So you fix them!

[[email protected] my_app]$ cd /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/
(Some systems may be /usr/local/lib… or something else)

All of your installed gems should be sitting here:

[[email protected] gems]$ ls
actionmailer-1.2.3 activerecord-1.14.3 json-0.4.1
rails-1.1.4 actionpack-1.12.3 activesupport-1.3.1
mysql-2.7 rake-0.7.1 sources-0.0.1
actionwebservice-1.1.4 fcgi-0.8.7 rubygems-update-0.9.0

[[email protected] gems]$ cd json-0.4.1/lib/json/

There’s the offending editor.rb file!

[[email protected] json]$ ls
Array.xpm FalseClass.xpm json.xpm NilClass.xpm String.xpm
editor.rb Hash.xpm Key.xpm Numeric.xpm TrueClass.xpm

Edit it and remove the offending colon:

[[email protected] json]$ sudo vi editor.rb +977

Change this:

    @treeview.signal_connect(:'cursor-changed') do

to this (delete colon):

    @treeview.signal_connect('cursor-changed') do

and save… (:wq)

[[email protected] json]$ cd …/…/

There’s the install file!

[[email protected] json-0.4.1]$ ls
bin GPL lib linecover.db README TODO
CHANGES install.rb linecover_config.rb Rakefile tests VERSION

Run the install file:

[[email protected] json-0.4.1]$ sudo ruby install.rb

It will do this:

cd bin
install -c edit_json.rb /usr/bin
cd -
cd lib
install -c json.rb /usr/lib/site_ruby/1.8
mkdir -p /usr/lib/site_ruby/1.8/json
install -c json/editor.rb /usr/lib/site_ruby/1.8/json
install -c json/json.xpm /usr/lib/site_ruby/1.8/json
cd -

Then start your Juggernaut push_server:

[[email protected] igacc]$ ruby script/push_server
Starting server…
Server is on…
Port: 3100
Computer Name:
Allowed IP for rails:

And you are now much more awesome than you were 2 minutes ago!


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