Re: Posting multiple files - how to set up params correctly

Unfortunately, the form helpers are not equipped to handle arrays well,
but they do their job very well otherwise.

Since file upload tags are simple, I think you can be trusted to do this
one yourself:

... ad nauseum


Sean C.
Web Services - KCKCC

[email protected] 3/29/2006 3:47 PM >>>


I have a page where I am allowing the user to specify multiple image
files that are related to one HTML document.

I want to end up with an array of image files that I can then assign
into an array within the controller.

I’m trying to set up my file_field correctly but am having trouble.

I’m not clear on how “the multiple input tags with the same name turning
into an array of parameters” thing works?

I’ve tried:

<%= file_field(‘document’, ‘image[]’) %>
<%= file_field(‘document[]’, ‘image[]’) %>

and when I do debug(params), I never see more than one image in the
“document” hash.

What am I doing wrong here?

Can one use the file_field helper to generate multiple file selection
elements successfully?


Here is my form:

<%= form_tag( { :action => ‘upload_images’ },
{ :multipart => ‘true’ } )%>

<% for image in images do %> <% end %>
<%= image.path.split('/').last[0..39] %>: <% if ((! image.path.nil?) && (image.path.length > 40)) %> <%= h("...") %> <% end %> <%= file_field('document', 'image') %>

<%= submit_tag "Upload Images" %>

<%= end_form_tag %>


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