RE: Here's the skinny

First of all, I completely understand your frustration. It is
(unfortunately) a very common thing in IT project. IMO, this sounds
like a problem with project methodology and communication to me. There
is a secondary concern with the adoption of a new technology after the
start of the project, but I think the main problem is method. You may
want to research an agile approach like Extreme Programming (XP) and
apply that to your effort. With XP, you are part of the solution as it
evolves. You don’t just generate a “spec” and walk away, only to return
later and see that there was a miscommunication. You work with the
developers to gradually implement the solution you really

I would also suggest that it sounds to me like your consultants are in
over their head. No disrespect intended, but if they are dealing with a
complex new system and new technology and responding by blaming you for
changing your mind, you should look elsewhere for help.

Good Luck,