RE: hello

i decided i to learn ruby on rails a while ago but only today
i sat down with the book and started.

so i installed it on my linux laptop and i tried the “hello” program.
and i failed.

Welcome, Sly.

Which book are you referring to? I ask because my memory isn’t very
good (old age) and I don’t seem to remember a “hello, world” example in
the ‘Agile Development w/ Rails’ book.

Are you referring to the Ruby book – the one with a pickaxe on the

Additional info would probably help, too. What version of Ruby are you
running? Are you using Rails 1.1? 1.0? Are you connecting via Apache?
Lighty? What database are using, etc.

And finally, usually Rails will spew out an error message upon… well,
errors. If you see any, that would be good info to know, too.

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