Re: Globalize DB translate not working in Rails 1.1.0


Yep, Globalize isn’t 1.1 compatible yet, we’re working on it. Please
the Globalize mailing list to keep up to date:


— removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:
It seems
there have been some changes to ActiveRecord between Rails

1.1.0 RC and
1.10 Final that cause Globalize to fail; 1.10 RC was
working fine. When
retrieving records from the DB only the base language
version is fetched,
even when the locale has been set differently. The
SQL in the log confirms
that Globalize is ignored and a regular find()
is performed.


switch to ‘nl’; base language is ‘en’

article = Content::Article.find(

assert_equal ‘Nieuwe Titel voor Artikel’, article.content.title

SELECT * FROM content_items WHERE ( = 146) AND (

(content_items.object_type = ‘Article’ ) ) LIMIT 1

content_articles WHERE ( = 146) LIMIT 1

Anyone else
experienced this issue?

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