RE: Anyone have Ruby for IIS installer?



We found it’s not worth the time to do this. It won’t work reliably.
You’re in for a world of hurt. We’ve given up on the idea after several
months of trying (and some great feedback from this list). There are
some on this list who claim to have gotten it to work, but that might
just be luck.

We’re now using Apache on a higher port, and using ISAPIRewrite to proxy
requests to it. It works great. I will be writing an article on how to
do this and will announce it here.



Can you describe, in detail, the steps you took with IIS/ISAPIRewrite to
proxy requests? I’ve had mixed results, getting it successfully going on
machine but not on 3 other machines with different Windows OS versions.
tried 3 different ISAPI rewrite filters as well.

Right now I have a blank IIS index page that just redirects over to
(running on port 8080).

Any help woiuld be great,