Re: [ANN] new e-book - The Money Train

Nice touch on the “Prepared Exclusively for…” text :slight_smile: Had I known, I
would have put some thought into filling out that box on the order form

One little annoyance, and I mean “small”, but the saved file name is
meaningless to me, and I suspect, most recipients. Perhaps it could be
reworked as the book title?

Again, Thanx! and I am off to the Rails Conf where I am sure I will know
just about everything, now that I have your e-book to complete my
Well, complete at least today. Until something else appears. Gosh I
have a
lot of books.


Gary Holbrook
“No trees were killed in the making of this email…
…however, a large number of electrons were horribly inconvenienced.”

Never sharpen a boomerang.

A programmer trying to use a good analogy is like a chicken trying to
broccoli. There’s never enough tire pressure. - Brian Welsch

I’ll see about changing the file name. :slight_smile: Thanks for buying the book!

And if you’d really like a different name put on the PDF, email me
off-list and I’ll take care of it. :slight_smile:

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