RDF - Carmen?

I didn’t want to hijack Martin’s thread, but Carmen said a couple of
interesting [original thread below].

Carmen - since you’ve switched off of SQL what do you use as you data-
store? Have integrated AR?

I’ve been seeing the world in 3+NF for more than 15 years now. Would
you mind speaking to this topic a little, and if you’ve any rails
experience in this regard?


I was wondering how you guys are organizing your migrations files

switched off of SQL a few months ago. not looking back :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a solution? Or do I really need to have 60+
logically unrelated files under one folder?

migrations are bound to a specific numeric order. putting them in
folders would mean theyd still need to be numbered, so you want forms/
04_steak_dinner_registrants.rb and venues/05_dining_rooms.rb ?

i would consider exposing your schema via resolvable URIs which
return schema description, this is the foundation of the semantic
web. then you can do as many sub’folders’ as you want…

i think the problem youre describing is the dichotomy of migrations
versus model code. maybe you want dr nic’s magic models, or the
inverse of that, or an RDF store. the current way is definitely
suboptimal, but porably the most pragmatic, in terms of levering
existing practices, and avoiding black-magic which is likely to fail

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