Rating / rateable plugin confusion

The situation right now with “rating / acts_as_rateable” plugins is

As far as I can tell there are three rating plugins, two of which have
the same name: acts_as_rateable.

They are:

acts_as_rateable (juixe version)
described in popular blog post:
This plugin keeps track of ratings by user but is otherwise a bit crude.
For instance it seems to manually calcuate averages by retrieving all
ratings and doing crude math itself rather than using the AVG() function
on the db side.

acts_as_rateable (rateableplugin / rubyforge version)
This plugin has some more handy methods but does not keep track of user.
It is contained in directory “rateableplugin” but calls itself
acts_as_rateable. As far as I can tell it is totally unrelated to the
plugin above.

ratable / acts_as_ratable (sic)
Despite the grammar this does not make your model look like a rat. I
haven’t reviewed it much yet. It has no README. It also seems to do
ratings averages on the app side.

Just hoping maybe this post will help someone since I got quite confused
looking for a rating plugin. It might be helpful to the community to
merge the best features of each of these and deprecate the others.