Rails Sandbox on OS X

So I’ve gotten my hands on Agile Web D. with Rails and want to
follow along with the examples. I want to create a sandbox for
testing/building applications. I’m running OS X and I’ve got the
following installed:

-Macports 1.320
-Ruby 1.8.5 - installed with Macports
-Rubygems 0.9.0
-Rails 1.1.6 - installed using “sudo gem install rails

I’m aware that I need both a web server and a database to follow along
with the book. I’ve decided that I’m fine with using WEBrick for the
time being as it’s preinstalled with Rails. However, I need some help in
getting MySql installed. What’s the best way to install it? Macports?
Gems? Directly from the website? Once installed, how to I get it up and
running and linked to my Rails applications? This is my first time
developing database backed web apps, so I’m relatively new to this.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Drew,

To continue with your current trajectory, I would suggest downloading
the official binary installer for MySQL
(http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.0.html). However, if you were
willing to use sqlite and are using mac os 10.4, it’s already installed

  • just install the driver (gem install sqlite3-ruby).

However (and blowing my own horn here), if you truly want a rails
sandbox for os x, just download Locomotive
(http://locomotive.raaum.org) - there are quick start directions in the
Locomotive application help.



Ryan -

Thanks for the response. Locomotive seems like a great sandbox as well,
but I wanted to get my hands dirty and download each app on my own. I’ll
go ahead and download the official binary installer for MySql5. After I
do, do I need to install the driver for MySql5 (something along the
lines of "gem insall mysql5-ruby)?



This link which you may or may not know about has the instruction for
installing everything on OS X.


Further down the list is a section on MySQL. I followed the instructions
for the entire install of Rails and the rest of it and it works


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