Rails fragment caching bug?

<% cache(:part => @user.id) do%> in the file controller => users, action
=> show.

Regardless if you put the action so it ends up as <% cache(:action =>
‘show’, :part => @user.id) do%> or the controller, the file will come
out in "tmp>cache>SERVER>users>show>1.part=userid#.cache . Which is
fine except for the 1 in the cache file name. What is it’s purpose? It
should be ‘show’ as far as I know.
expire_fragment(:action => ‘show’, :part => @session[“user”].id) does
not work either due to this. But if you give a fake action such as shows
it works without a problem as it comes out as shows.part=userid# in

users rather than users>show. Is this a bug or did I funk something up?

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