Rails CRUD Problem

I am trying to get info from a from into a mysql query to check to see
if the value entered already exists in the database. I can’t seem to
get the params into the database without it spitting an error.

Here is my Controller:

def save_positive
@positive = Positive.new(params[:positive])
@search = @positive.find_param

Here is my model

def find_param
uni = Positive.find(:all, :conditions => “im_client = :im_client and
screen_name = :screen_name or dating_site = :dating_site and alias =
:alias, params”)


Sorry if this is a silly question, I am pretty new to rails


What error do you get ? We’re not psychic :slight_smile:
What is Positive ? An ActiveRecord object, or something of your own
construction (if so, what does its source look like ?)


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