RadRails install plugin problem


I’m having a problem installing plugins in the latest version of
radrails running on windows XP.

I used the Plugin window in radrails to select file_column to install
file_column and everything worked ok.

Now i want to install remote_upload plugin which isnt in the plugins
list contained in radrails. So i select plugin from the generators tab
and type remote_upload and hit return. This instals the correct folder
in the vendors folder but all of the files contain just comments like


Can anyone tell me how to install the plugin with all the files. The
link is below and i have tried putting the url in the plugin field to
install without success. I’m having the same problem for
responds_to_parent. Is their a specific way to install 3rd party


John B. <[email protected]…> writes:

list contained in radrails. So i select plugin from the generators tab


Hi John,

I was able to install the plugin using Radrails 0.7 command prompt.

Here is what you need to do

  1. Install Ruby Win32 SSPI with the gem available at
    http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubysspi/ by coping it on locally, and
    execute gem
    install rubysspi in the same folder
  2. Copy ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems\rubysspi-0.0.2-i386-mswin32\spa.rb
  3. Edit ruby\bin\gem.bat to provide â??rspa for ruby command (line number
  1. Edit environment variables http_proxy, http_user, http_pass to
    http://ptproyx.persistent.co.in:8080 , your domain user and your domain
  2. Start command prompt in RadRails and give following command
    ruby -rspa script/plugin install

That’s it.


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