Radio_button with boolean fields does not work with postgres

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have a User class with a
“send_message_emails” boolean field. The value for this is true. In
postgresql this is stored as a “t” in the database. In Rails this field
is a
boolean and is set to true, but for some reason the following code is
working… the radio_button is not selected.

<%= radio_button “user”, “send_message_emails”, ‘true’ %>

I have tried all of the following combinations and none of them have
<%= radio_button “user”, “send_message_emails”, ‘true’ %>
<%= radio_button “user”, “send_message_emails”, ‘True’ %>
<%= radio_button “user”, “send_message_emails”, true %>
<%= radio_button “user”, “send_message_emails”, ‘1’ %>
<%= radio_button “user”, “send_message_emails”, 1 %>
<%= radio_button “user”, “send_message_emails”, ‘t’ %>

The radio button is never selected. I’ve printed out @
user.send_message_emails right before the radio_button and the value is
definitely boolean true.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Any ideas?

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