Question about routes and using flash for navigation

I have a flash movie that I’m using for site navigation… I have links
such as:

‘/site/signup’, ‘/site/login’ and ‘/site/faq’ where site is my
controller and signup, login or faq are my actions… I also have the
following routes defined in routes.rb:

map.connect “/”, :controller => “site”, :action => “index”

Install the default route as the lowest priority.

map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id’

this works fine when you first load the site and then click on the
“Signup” button, which takes you to ‘/site/signup’, but if you then
click on the ‘Login’ button, it tries to take you to
‘/site/site/login’ which fails. I can fix this by adding a route for
‘/site/site/login’ but I was wondering if there might be a better way
to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


er, that was stupid… I didn’t realize all my links in flash were
relative and not absolute… Fixed by placing a ‘/’ in front of all my
paths… Please ignore :wink:


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