Qt client with rails? Does it make sense?


A quick question from a beginner: does it make sense to build the UI of
a rails application with Qt, instead of bulding a web application? The
idea would be to reuse parts of rails (like ActiveRecords) to write the
logic on the server, and build the (complex) UI faster, with a
client-based framework.

On the client, ruby could be used too, since QtRuby exists.

Your reactions are more than welcome!


Rails, no, but you’re forgetting something.

ActiveRecord is not Rails, it’s merely the ORM library developed with
Rails. It is a very capable stand-alone library, though you’ll have to
learn the specific configuration utilities Rails does for you (it’s not
much, honestly).

My current state of mind is this: if you can use Ruby, and this isn’t a
performance critical application, use it. QtRuby with AR sounds like a
fine idea. You won’t be able to use anything from Rails itself, but
there are plenty of Ruby libraries to help you along your way.


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