I am Mark Anthony a (Solicitor) I reside in the republic of Ireland, I
have a client that came to me with depositing documents
worth about $20,600,000.00 he is an asylum seeker here in Ireland.
I hope this mail meets you in good health and spirit; the client’s name
is James baker, a Sierra-Leonia by nationality, presently
he lives as a refugee here in the republic of Ireland, with his younger
sister, Claris. He is a victim of war and the son of the
assassinated Chief Dr. Alfred Mathew baker, the former assistant
director of Sierra Leone gold and diamond-mining Cooperation.
His father was killed with other government officials during official
hours, when the rebel troops stormed and raided the mining
cooperation office at the heat of the crisis in his country. A few weeks
later, the rebels also Invaded there residential building in
which his mother and two of their security Men were killed in there
compound while he was out for a special Research program
and his younger sister was in school.

He had a singular shock and trauma, which compelled him to flee from
their Country to republic of Ireland by the help of an army colonel,
who is a Close friend of his late father.
I am contacting you because I felt that with your assistance it will be
easier for us to execute, this claims.

Unfortunately his father’s two accounts in West Africa has recently been
Frozen, however according to him that did not affect the twenty
million six hundred thousand US dollars (us$ 20,600,000.00), which he
deposited with a security company abroad.

For now, I am having every information and document needed for the
collection of the deposit with the security company and I want you to
act as the beneficiary of the deposit for easy and smooth collection to
your Account for investment purposes.

Have no doubt you will be adequately compensated with as well as a
percentage of
the profit from investment of the fund.

I am making this request to you as a professional in this field; I know
it will be easier with your assistance,Your positive response will be a
great joy and relief to them (us).

Note: we have agreed to Compensate you with twenty percent (20%) of the
total sums for your participation.

Anticipating to quick respond,

Best regard.

Mark Anthony.

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