Programming Ruby For Newbies

There is a beginner’s class going to be held this Saturday, 8
September (time to be announced later) in the #rubynoob channel at

I am currently reading Peter C.'s “Beginning Ruby From Novice to
Professional” from appres. It has been a very funny experience and I
enjoyed so far, with good examples and simple programming projects that
all together and help me make perfect sense of Ruby’s ways. Check this

Hope it helps.

Luis Fernando Flores Oviedo
Project Management Professional
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Jonathan D. wrote:

Buy it. It’s worth it.
My personal dream book is “Learn to Pragmatically Program Ruby for
Rails, Head First (with Foxes)” by Chris P., Dave T., David
Black, Kathy Sierra and _why the lucky stiff, but I doubt that will
ever get written (-;


to it on that page, along with the online tutorial version which I
forgot to mention.

It’s good if you can enjoy reading a what you are learning from. You can
more and faster if it’s some thing you want to do and keep coming back
more. I remember my introduction to C was so much fun because of its
very odd
sense of humour while showing the syntax :slight_smile:

And Ruby is a much easier language to start off with.


The class is going to be at 1pm PST (GMT-8:00).

Thank you mates.

I tried the interactive ruby tutorial, and it was great. It introduced
me to programmed. Then I read the Learn To Program the tutorial version
by Chris P., and it gave me a pretty nice basic introduction about
Ruby and programming. Then I saw the Peter C.'s Beginning Ruby
preview in Apress, and I bought it from my local bookstore the other
day. I am still reading it, and my Ruby skills are improving.

I haven’t given _why the lucky stiff’s Poigant guide a shot, yet. But I
will, once I finish reading Beginning Ruby.

Thanks to:
Tim H.
Mohit S.
Jonathan D.
Thomas W.
John J.
rgossen (Rahlyn)
Jeremy W.
Lloyd L. (Haha, good one)
Ayyappan K.
Ari B.
Terry P.
Jörg W Mittag (I don’t understand your dream, but hopefully I’ll do in
the future :-P)
Luis Fernando Flores Oviedo
unknown (Guest) (I’ll try to attend the class, thanks for mentioning it)

When I posted this, I didn’t expect such prolonged and helpful mailing
list (This is proof to your statement about this mailing list John J.
:slight_smile: ). I really appreciate every single response. I hope that anyone
with a future query like mine will refer to this topic as a compilation
of helpful books.

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Mittag, Luis Fernando Flores Oviedo, and unknown"

thanks helpfulpeople

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