Production Mode in my Rails Application not responding

I also had a problem with our client’s site When
working with up-dating coding…Everythng was fine until I changed the
coding from:

IfModule mod_fastcgi.c>
FastCgiServer /var/www/storkselect/public/dispatch.fcgi
-initial-env RAILS_ENV=development
-processes 2
-idle-timeout 60

To this:

FastCgiIpcDir /tmp/fcgi_ipc FastCgiServer /var/www/storkselect/public/dispatch.fcgi \ -initial-env RAILS_ENV=production \ -processes 2 \ -idle-timeout 60

I scratched my head until I was bonkers. Then I read where the
database.yml file was a problem. I checked out my database.yml file and
found a typo error that I had over looked. After correcting the error,
everything was up and running.

Our company just picked up another client - -
which I hope won’t present any problems.

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