Problems with Texmate Rails bundle


I can’t use any of the go to file commands, apparently. If I use any
of the key commands (cmd+shift+opt+down, cmd+opt+down) nothing
happens. When I access the commands from the menu with ctrl+^ and
choose “Go to Alternate File” it just switches between the controller
and view without presenting a drop down menu. Choosing “Intelligent
Go To File” in a view sticks this in my document:
method_missing': undefined methodcontroller_for_view’ for
#RailsPath:0x351af4 (NoMethodError)
from /Users/pergesu/Library/Application

It switches fine when I choose Intelligent Go To from within the

I just downloaded the latest bundle. Ruby 1.8.4, Rails 1.0, TM 1.5
(Build 906). Any clues as to what’s wrong? I’d really like to be
able to use these switch commands.