Problems with link_to_remote


i have a problem using an action with link_to_remote.

here the call the way it works:

<%= link_to “Print”, :controller => “preisliste”, :action =>
“print_list”, :id =>>

in controller:

send_data Report.generate_report(xml, report, jasper_type,
:filename => “#{filename}.#{extension}”, :type => mime_type,
:disposition => ‘inline’

send_data sends a generated PDF file to the browser. works fine.

but if i’m using link_to_remote the PDF file isn’t displayed. i’m using
different log entries to get sure everything worked fine. the log
entries are the same using both methods.

here the remote call:

<%= link_to_remote “Print2”,
:loading => ‘show_wait()’,
:complete => ‘hide_wait()’,
:failure => “alert('HTTP Error ’ + request.status + ‘!’)”,
:url => {:action => :print_list, :id =>}

what am i missing?



dweinand wrote:

send_data Report.generate_report(xml, report, jasper_type,

what am i missing?
You can have the link_to_remote RJS do a redirect to the PDF file, or
have it open a new window with its URL set to the send_data action.

But if you stick with a plain link you can still show a wait indicator
the link’s onclick event, and hide it in its onblur event. To show an
error you can have the action do something other than send data.

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