Problem ith file_column


I am facing a serious problem with file_column plugin. Though it is
absolutely fine while uploading images, and the way it uploads the
image on the file system and stores the file name in a database table
is awsome. But while I try to get the image by passing its ID,
surprisingly it returns the full absolute path rather than the image
name! I would like to give a littel more description about the problem.

There are two tables:- 1) items and 2)item_images

In the first table only item name and description is stored while in
the second table; the image name is stored along with the item_id from
the first table. I am using the following code to access the image from

itm = ItemImage.find_by_item_id(id).image # image is the column for
image name

Running this query returns something like
“public/item_image/image/1/Sample.jpg” instead of


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