Possible acts_as_authenticated bug (or rails)

The code that comes with the plugin uses a method that looks like this:

def password_required?
crypted_password.blank? or not password.blank?

with validations that look like this:

validates_presence_of :password, :if =>
validates_presence_of :password_confirmation, :if =>
validates_length_of :password, :within => 5…40, :if =>
validates_confirmation_of :password, :if =>

I though the validations_presence_of :password_confirmation was a bit
redundant, so I removed it. Unfortunately, that breaks the
password_required? method. Here’s how I fixed it:

def password_required?
crypted_password.blank? or not password.blank?

I added a debug statement, that’s it. What am I missing?

And why do I still need check the presence of the confirmation field,
isn’t that the purpose of validates_confirmation_of?


I had a problem with this method as well, but it was a while ago and the
exact details escape me at the moment… I was only playing and my site
wasn’t ever going into production.

The way I got around was to remove the not condition on password.blank?
the password_required? method.

I don’t know the ramifications of this I never really studied it much
but it
allowed me to continue to play.

If someone out there knows what impact this has I would surely like to


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