Performance (cough cough) Poor: Instant Rails

On 6/21/06, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky [email protected] wrote:

What brought all this on is that Instant Rails looks a lot like another
“one-click web platform” package I have on my Windows system. It’s based
on EasyPHP and implements the Moodle course management system
( I’d like to have one platform, not two.
Obviously, the application maintenance will be different, but I’d like
to be able to standardize the platform components – Ruby and PHP
interpreters, web servers and databases.

There’s a reason it looks like EasyPHP – Instant Rails 1.x is a fork of
EasyPHP! However, that is temporary as Instant Rails 2 will be based on

All-in-one packages like Instant Rails, Locomotive, and EasyPHP are
fantastic time savers if they meet you needs. They are not designed to
“user upgradable”. If that is what you need, then you should really do
own custom installation of the individual components.


After RadRails, life is good. No delay, click->display, it’s that fast,
if only I could click faster, I’d be even more productive. The DB was
never the issue- 100 rows only, simple cols.

[Ed] As for the left/brain right/brain stuff, them’s just jokes. What I
mean is that the thrill is in figuring it out, making it work, not
falling in love and having to sleep with it every night. We’ve no desire
to host our own site nor will we be rolling this out as a service. Our
business is photography. And the rich customer experience is not by
definition media intensive- can’t stand those Flash sites (let’s see if
you can guess what object to click now?). We recently did some testing
of a Flash photo slideshow and found even DSL clients rated their wait
time at 5-10s for 1.4MB at a 50% preload. We know we need to keep it

While we can’t functionally design for dialup, in our area, broadband is
plentiful and cheap. The richness comes from the business rules, which
actually we could implement right now with the ol’ PHP/MySQL/Apache
provided by our web host. It’s just too slow to build it all, to hard to
change it afterwards (effeciently) and it won’t look that different than
other’s. The new stuff looks to lets us build and adapt very quickly and
present in a much prettier way. That’s the magic. Yes, we could do a lot
of this in Flash, but again, the work to result ratio is too high.

Thanks for all the quick and helpful posts. RadRails has made things go
so much faster, it’s smart and pretty too!


Greg wrote:

We’ll leave the performance,
deployment and maintenance stuff to right brainers who are actually good
at it.
Uh … shouldn’t that be “left-brainers?” That’s a myth, by the way –
the whole left-brain/right-brain thing. That originated from studies of
people who had their left and right brains separated surgically. In most
of us “normal” folks, the two hemispheres are in constant seamless
We’re not a high volume site or looking to package this up- we
just want a rich, rich customer experience and this platform is sooo
promising. {goosebumps}

Speaking of rich customer experience (like Ajax), what sort of network
bandwidth are you assuming your rich customers have? I live about four
miles from one of the largest Intel installations on the planet in
Washington County, Oregon, and just got broadband a year ago. :slight_smile:

Poor network bandwidth can kill a “rich Internet experience” faster than
an overloaded server. You can always throw hardware at your own servers,
but you can’t buy more PC memory, a faster PC or higher bandwidth for
your customers. :slight_smile:

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

Hi Greg,

I had the same problem. I solved it by changing my .htaccess file.

I changed this line:

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.cgi [QSA,L]


RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.fcgi [QSA,L]

That speeded things up a lot running my apps with scgi and InstantRails.
I noticed it because my Cookbook app was fast, but any new ones I added
were slow. This was one of the few files that would be different and
could affect the way Rails works.


Greg wrote:


In short, RoR is brand spanking new to me, I set up Instant Rails (if
you can call copying files “setup”) and made my own simple app via
scaffold. One table, 11 cols, 100 rows. All is well, except when I view
the data, it takes 5-10 seconds to show the page, 5-10 more seconds to
get the edit page and so on. Going back to the previous page is no
faster (via previous link).

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