[OT] TextMate snippet is not working

Sorry for the OT. Since I know that in this mailing list there are
people that use TextMate heavily, I’ll try asking here first.

I downloaded TextMate 1.5.2. Installed it on Mac OS X 10.4.6 running
on a MacBook Pro. I recalled that I could do a Command+Option+Shift
+Down in an action and TextMate will show a context menu that let me
jump to the view, functional test, etc.

A day later, I downloaded Mac OS X 10.4.7 Combo update. I updated my
Mac OS X and it successfully became Mac OS X 10.4.7.

To my surprise now I can no longer do a Command+Option+Shift+Down in
an action to have a context menu like expected.Very weird. Further
investigation reveals that I cannot type vuif and press Tab in a
model file to have TextMate complete validates_uniqueness_of snippet.
However, if I use my mouse to select from Bundles->Rails->Models,
everything works as expected. Same result with Command+Option+Shift
+Down, if I use my mouse to go to Bundles->Rails->Go To… all work
as expected.

Is there something I need to configure? Or is this a known bug? Could
anyone with Mac OS X 10.4.7 and TextMate 1.5.2 verify my experience?

Thanks a lot,

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