Ordering the results from :through

I have a join table with a sequence number in it. I have specified a
“has_many :through” on my model using the join table. I would like to
get the results of using the :through relationship ordered by the
sequence number. For example,

Table One
has_many :joins, :order => “seqno”
has_many :twos, :through => :joins

Table Join
belongs_to :one
acts_as_list :scope => “one_id”, :column => “seqno”
belongs_to :two

Table Two
has_many :joins
has_many :ones, :through => :joins

So, I would like to say “one.twos”

one = One.find(:first)
… one.twos …

and have the twos sorted by seqno. Anyone know if this is possible?

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