One model class per file?

Hi Everyone,

I’m fairly new to Rails, needless to say i like it! Sometimes though,
there is a little too much magic going on inside, but i’ll finally
like that too once i know all those magic tricks :slight_smile: Now my question: I
have quite a lot of tables in my db (something above 300) and it seems
to me rails wants each model class in its own file? I come to this
conclusion because of the error message i get, when i pack more than
one of my model classes in one file. It says:

This error occured while loading the following files:
=> model general_data.rb

All those *.rb files rails is trying to load, correspond to the model
classes I created following the naming conventions. Is there any way
to tell rails NOT to search for a model class in its own file? Or am I
simply not getting something :slight_smile:

thx in advance!