Observer doesn't react

i followed the observer documentation [1] and created, and registered an
observer. i had to realise that the observer doesn’t work at all – in
fact the rails application does not even start – with acts_as_taggable,
for whatever reason.

i must admit that i’m still using ruby 1.8.2. however, after commenting
the acts_as_taggable instruction out the application runs smoothly as
always, though it doesn’t log as expected.

i was logging as in the documentation [1]

def after_create(project)“new project created”)

after that didn’t work i tried to log the action into the database by
creating a log table and a model. after that was done i alterd the
after_create method to

def after_create(project)
log =

set the attributes here

after creating some projects i looked in the database with the
expectation to see some entries. there were no entries.

am i doing something wrong?


any ideas?

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