Observer and Plugin conflict

Hi fellas,

I have setup the acts_as_authenticated plugin and activated the
UserObserver to send activation emails.

I also have a homemade security plugin which adds methods to
ActiveRecord::Base like let_read and let_write.

On the server start, those two enter in conflict because the Observer
does something with the User model but it can’t find the let_read and
the let_write methods yet. It looks like the plugin is not initiated

What can I do ??

AFAIK, plugins are loaded in alphabetical order, if that helps.

Nope, that doesn’t seem to be the trouble (or solution…). My plugin
is called ‘access_protection’ and the other one is

As a matter of fact, I find it weird that Rails initializes the
Observers BEFORE the plugins. Can anyone tell me if there’s any way
to tweak this in the Rails source code ??


Le Jul 7 2006 à 8:28, Inge Jørgensen a écrit :

Having the same problem. Luc did you ever find a solution?


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